FMCG industry brings specific challenges to lawyers where the speed and accuracy of the advice determine success of a client’s business endeavor. We understand how important is to provide quickly a legal advice that takes into account business goals. We understand how a legal advice may affect the business strategies and marketing goals.

We have a unique experience in providing legal advice for FMCG industry. For many years we have assisted producers of cosmetics, beverages, pharmaceuticals, food, and other goods that consumers buy every day. We provide advice on regulatory and administrative matters. We work on daily basis with marketing and sales departments. We defend our clients against unfair trade practices, we clear marketing campaigns, fight before courts for or against advertising ban, communicate with regulators and governmental institutions.

In order to provide comprehensive assistance to our clients we cooperate closely with patent agents, experts in consumer psychology and industrial design.

Copying of foods and their packaging, using false or misleading marks, unfair comparative advertising, personal data protection in a marketing campaign, consumer claims, dealing with the Antimonopoly Office or the Trade Inspection – this is only illustrative example of what we are doing on daily basis.

We offer full scope representation before common courts and other institutions.