Competiton Law

Business decision makers need to understand the impact of competition laws and take them into account in strategic planning and every day operations. As the EU authorities introduce strict competition legislation and enforcement becomes more rigorous, legal advice on competition law becomes more and more important. Lawyers have to understand where cooperation with the regulator is better than defending clients against the regulator’s decisions. Also, antitrust issues are being brought in commercial disputes before the courts in high stakes litigation, often bringing impact on the future direction of strategic business plans.

Our competition lawyers are qualified to assist clients in assessing antitrust risk, and to plan and implement effective strategies for dealing with it. Working for years for automotive industry, FMCG, media, and major producers of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages, we have learned how to provide advice that helps business to develop without exposing to unnecessary legal risk.

Our lawyers are focused on finding practical solutions to the myriad competition issues that clients face in a today business world. We combine legal and economic expertise to deliver high-quality and integrated service that achieves our clients’ commercial objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible.


We offer full service assistance in the competition (antitrust) law including representation of clients in antitrust litigation. We have extensive experience in handling competition proceedings at the Polish Antimonopoly Office (the national regulator) and courts. Whether our clients are requested to explain their distribution system to a regulator, are developing price schemes or are involved in mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures, we assist them in finding a way to avoid antitrust law traps.